Comfort in the studio

My studio is a stand-alone structure and not heated – and I am often shivering when I start to paint until the room has warmed up.  My son has recently presented me with a gadget that can switch on the heater remotely from the house. Starting with a warm studio – and warm hands, is a big plus!

When I had my studio built, I thought carefully about lighting. The building was placed so that it is well lit but does not get the sun full on, so that I always have even daylight.

In my previous studio, there was not as much natural light, and so I used daylight strip lighting. This was a specialist strip light made for environments where colour matching is important. I could also use it at night time.

It is important to be comfortable when painting and also to be able to view the work from a little way back. What can look ‘right’ close up can look very different from a  yard or so away. For this reason, I use an office chair that has castors, so that I can move backwards and forwards easily whilst viewing the work and adding to it – a wooden floor helps me to easily move around.

I have a large very stable wooden easel. My paints and brushes are within easy reach from the chair, and I have a small selection of colours for the piece by my hand.  I also have a radio and record player in the studio.  I don’t listen very often but occasionally the right music can be helpful to enhance the mood.