Immersive expressions of nature

In the scene I’m painting, it is the kind of afternoon when everyone has left the beach except me, and I can enjoy warm late afternoon sun and the gentle sounds of the sea rolling in. Painting itself is a deeply immersive type of self-expression, and like any writer, when I’m in a scene I’m truly living it. My focus on nature means that this is a deeply calming and meditative experience.

I don’t paint with an audience in mind – I don’t feel that anyone can be true to their artistry if they’re thinking about how something will be received. At the same time, my hope is that the finished work will create the same meditative state in others as it has done for me during the process. Whether or not you respond to a scene is deeply personal, of course, and I’m always interested to hear from my customers and collectors why a particular image has ‘spoken’ to them. Nature is a universal language, though – our connection with the sea primeval.

For many people, looking at a seascape draws them away from the distraction of inward chatter and is deeply calming. I certainly find it that way and I never tire of painting waves.